Rhubarb Kush by Broken Coast

Rhubarb Kush is a difficult strain to track down due to its recent emergence. Very little is known about Rhubarb Kush at this time making additional research near impossible; it appears to only be available through Broken Coast, affiliates LP’s that sell Broken Coast product, and a dispensary in Colorado. On an online forum about Broken Coast products, it was noted that an individual spoke with Broken Coast staff about the Rhubarb Kush, and it was determined to be a cross between their Master Kush and an undisclosed strain.

Strain Name: Rhubarb Kush

Strain Details: Indica dominant hybrid- THC: 17.7%, CBD: <0.04%,

Terpenes: Myrcene Pinene Limonene Caryophyllene Terpineol

Physical Description:

The Rhubarb Kush has magnificently large buds, with a lovely full fluffy look to them. The colour is a delicate light, yet bright spring green which is beautifully contrasted with scattered burst of long atomic tangerine coloured pistils. And covering this spectacular looking bud is an absolutely astonishing amount of pearly crystals that make this strain appear to be lightly dusted in cool mornings frost!

What does it smell like?

I was pleasantly surprised with the subtle but distinct rhubarb smell that this strain actually gave off!  The smell is more reminiscent of the stalk of the raw rhubarb plant when first cut into. The scent is distinctly sweet but also quite earthy- much like what I imagine the smell would be when pulling rhubarb out of the garden for Grandma to make her homemade pie, while sipping an espresso!

What does it taste like?

The Rhubarb Kush has a much earthier taste profile to it than the smell indicates,this is probably reminiscent of it’s master kush parentage. Upon first inhale your pallet is greeted to a nice sour earthy/woody taste followed by sugary citrus notes and a hint of spicy pepper!

*Use and Effects:

The Rhubarb Kush is a bit of a creeper.  Upon initially toking this strain there were very little effects; however, 10 minutes in one can start to feel some subtle but distinct cerebral effects that continue to build without any actual brain fog though! Then due to the heavy indica components of this flower there are also extremely relaxing body effects.This strain truly engulfs and calms the mind in a clean fresh way while tranquility and relaxation washes over the body leaving one ready to eat a bag of chips and head to bed. I have consumed this strain in a number of different methods- a water pipe, a joint and a portable-vapourizer unit; all of which worked well and delivered similar effects.


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