Baleen by Organigram

Baleen is a CBD Shark phenotype produced by Organigram with a CBD to THC ratio of 2:1. CBD Shark is an Indica-dominant flower said to derive its genetics from crossing Shark Shock and an unknown high-CBD strain.

Strain Name: Baleen (CBD Shark) by Organigram

Strain Details: High CBD Indica Dominant Hybrid – THC: 4.04%, CBD: 7.54%

Terpenes: Pinene Myrcene Limonene Linalool Caryophyllene

Physical Description:

This CBD Shark variant produces semi-dense, pine-tree shaped buds that are small to medium in size. The color displayed by the leaves of this cultivar are a combination of moss and forest greens. Noticeably, Baleen also produces a nice resin coating that gives the bud a slight golden hue when light meets the surface, highlighting small squash-colored pistils throughout. Overall, Baleen demonstrates evidence of careful trimming, excellent moisture content and a thorough curing process.

What does it smell like:

Baleen is a pungent and airy cultivar with an array of pleasing scents. Its odor is initially reminiscent of sweet hops with strong earthy undertones. As the aromas settle, slight traces of citrus with notes of pine emerge and linger in the background. Vaporization releases more herbal and earthy notes giving Baleen a subtle skunk-like odor that may linger after consumption.

What does it taste like:

Baleen’s light and gentle taste makes consumption smooth and easy. Upon inhale, subtle flavors of herb and citrus are brought to the forefront. These flavors are more apparent at higher temperatures –otherwise, vaporization is a smooth and mild experience. Exhalation strengthens the subdued flavors, with notes of pine blended with rich, sweeter tones carrying a strong hoppy presence. Following consumption, you may notice a slight pepper/earth-like aftertaste. Overall, this cultivar was smooth to consume with no harsh flavors. Baleen would be recommended for those who prefer a light earthy taste to their medication.

*Use and Effects:

Patients may find relaxation comes on quickly after consumption. The first thing our reviewer noticed with Baleen was relief from mild to moderate joint pain. This characteristic may be useful for post-workout recovery leveraging the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD. Patients may also find the calming properties of this cultivar beneficial in combating anxiety and stress. Our reviewer found low dosages effective for social anxiety, with low levels of THC allowing energy levels to remain consistent throughout the day. Overall, this cultivar may provide an array of pain-reducing and anxiolytic effects, with the added bonus of not being overly sedating or impairing. As such, this particular CBD Shark phenotype could be useful for those wanting relief without impairment, as well as new users. With a THC level of only 4%, Baleen is also an excellent choice for patients who may have a sensitivity to the effects of higher THC strains.
*Please note that impact and effects will vary from user to user.
Reviewed April 24th 2019.