Crystal Kush by Cannafarms

Crystal Kush is an Indica-dominant flower grown by Pure Sunfarms, available via Canna Farms. Information on the genetic origins of this strain is scarce, said to come from crossing a Kush variant with an unknown cultivar.

Strain Name: Crystal Kush by Pure Sunfarms (via Canna Farms)

Strain Details: Indica Dominant Hybrid – THC: 16.7%, CBD: <0.05%

Terpenes: Caryophyllene Humulene Limonene Pinene Linalool

Physical Description:

Crystal Kush is recognizable by its small, kernel-shaped buds and its olive/emerald green leaves. Thick, crystal-white trichomes are spread abundantly across the flower surface and easily capture the eye at first glance. Due to this thick resinous layer, Crystal Kush exhibits a distinct frosted look, displaying a golden white hue as light scatters across the surface. The pistils on Crystal Kush are a dull amber color with a long, coiled structure. Visually, Crystal Kush buds demonstrate careful craftsmanship – good trimming, decent moisture and dense to the touch.

What does it smell like:

The fragrance of Crystal Kush can be described as pungent but sweet, containing heavy notes you’d expect from a typical “Kush” cultivar.  Unsealing a fresh container releases strong notes of pepper and earthy wood, followed by a sweet, herbal fragrance. Letting the aroma settle, slight undertones of lavender and citrus become apparent. When vaporized, this cultivar’s Kush odor becomes more prominent and lingers after consumption. With this in mind, this cultivar would be best suited to those who like a more traditional cannabis flavor to their medication and do not mind a lingering aroma after use.

What does it taste like:

Similar to its olfactory profile, this cultivar yields flavors typical of traditional “Kush” genetics. Upon the first few inhales, a floral sweetness blended with a pungent, herbal overtone is released. On exhale, the flavor remains on par with a traditional Kush varieties with a noticeable sweet twist. As the session progresses, patients may also notice a subtle pepper/earth overtone at higher temperatures. Overall, Crystal Kush was void of all harsh flavors and would be suitable for users who like a traditional cannabis taste to their medication.

*Use and Effects:

Crystal Kush has a pleasing and gentle effect, making it useful for a variety of symptoms. Shortly after consumption, our reviewer noted a light, head-focused sensation that may promote a calm but focused mind. Positive somatic effects may also become apparent with a noticeable decrease in muscle tension and mild joint pain. Perhaps most pleasing about this cultivar is the euphoric notes that present themselves in waves throughout its duration, producing an uplifting but tranquil experience. As effects begin to dissipate, our reviewer noted a comfortable, relaxed state useful for sleep. Overall, because of the relaxing and gentle properties of this cultivar, Crystal Kush would be acceptable for users familiar with mid to high THC, or who would prefer to avoid the overly sedating effects normally associated with higher THC products.

*Please note that impact and effects will vary from user to user.
Reviewed May 5th 2019.