Deep Purple by Green Relief

Deep Purple is a cultivar available through Green Relief. It is reported that this rare Sativa originates from the volcanic soils of Hawaii. Deep Purple is known for its visually appealing structure and strong cerebral effects.

Strain Name: Deep Purple by Green Relief

Strain Details: Sativa Dominant Hybrid – THC: 8-12%, CBD: <1%

Terpenes: Guaiol Myrcene Caryophyllene Nerolidol Pinene

Physical Description:

Deep Purple is a pleasing cultivar to observe. At first glance, the small, dense buds appear black with long tangerine orange pistils contrasting sharply against the surface. On closer inspection, the colors displayed on the leaves are a deep grape purple that contain an assortment of dark greens within the clusters of this compact cultivar. Deep Purple has a thick resin coat that appears as a sugar-like coat frosting the surface of this herb. Upon touch Deep Purple is sticky and dense, the trimming on this cultivar is well done. Overall, this appropriately named cultivar proudly portrays its unique physical characteristics.

What does it smell like?:

Deep Purple encompasses a combination of lively pine tones with an overall earthy sweetness to its aroma. When you open a container, you receive a dominant pine/wood fragrance, followed by a subtle sweet citrus blend. As the pungent aroma begins to reveal itself, you detect a latent hoppy/herbal overlay that is present in the olfactory profile of this cultivar. Overall, Deep Purple is a pleasing to the nose, although the pungent aroma may linger and over take the room in low ventilated areas. Deep Purple is recommended for those who like an earthy, hop-like smell to their medication.

What does it taste like?

Deep Purple has an interesting flavor to its consumption. Upon inhale the taste is relatively mild and very smooth. Deep Purple then releases a sharp hoppy and earth-like flavor along with gentle notes of citrus. As you exhale the flavor detected is a prominent pine tone with a sweet overlay that is persistent throughout vaporization. Overall the experience is smooth and void of harsh flavors. Deep Purple is would be recommended for those who like a fruity and herbal earth taste to their medication.

*Use and Effects:

Deep Purple is a gentle, stimulating herb that may provide energizing qualities along with some mood elevation. Upon inhale our reviewer noticed a quick onset of increased energy. This may be accompanied by subtle tones of euphoria, and could be extremely useful for combating depression related symptoms during the day. This cultivar may be useful for getting the day started when energy levels are low. During testing it was noted that the stimulation was strong enough to wake you up, but not over stimulating to the point of anxiety. This was an excellent quality as a way to increase motivation and energy without a crash later on. Deep Purple may also be useful in stimulating creativity, the experience was cerebral and could provide a useful means to start personal projects or hit the gym early in the morning. This cultivar with its low THC levels would be a great choice for a new users.

*Please note that impact and effects will vary from user to user.
Reviewed March 06 2019.