Hindu Skunk by Canna Farms

Hindu Skunk is a time-honored Indica leaning Hybrid from the mountains of Afghanistan. This cultivar rose to prominence in the late 1970s for its excellent resin production and euphoric effects. According to Wikileaf, Hindu Skunk is produced from a cross of Hindu Kush and Skunk # 1 genetics and carries a notable affinity to its parents.

Strain Name: Hindu Skunk by Canna Farms

Strain Details: Hybrid – THC: 14.9%, CBD: <0.05%

Terpenes: Myrcene Caryophyllene Bisabolol Pinene

Physical Description:

Hindu Skunk can be distinguished by its bud shape –reminiscent of Christmas trees — and a vivid display of forest greens and sage throughout its leafy flower. The buds of Hindu Skunk form a packed and luscious structure as the leaves curve into the stem creating volume and density. Prominent rust-colored pistils coil themselves evenly around this rather elongated bud. What will capture your attention with this cultivar is the heavy patches of resinous coating that cover certain areas of Hindu Skunk’s leaves. As you break down the flower, the trichome resin coating is evenly distributed. This resinous coating resembles patches of snow similar to those present on a pine tree during the winter. These fuzzy off-white trichomes give Hindu Skunk a slight stickiness or tack-feel.

What does it smell like?:

This Hindu Skunk variant does not possess a strong fragrance or lively odor. On the contrary, Hindu Skunk releases a dull but sweet mango-like smell that dissipates quickly. This subtle fruit scent is easily eclipsed by tones of pine as well as a prevailing skunk-like odor. This combination of pine and skunk also dissipates quickly and does not linger. With this in mind, Hindu Skunk may be a good choice for those who prefer that their medical cannabis have a more subtle aroma. One feature of note with this cultivar is that it releases more prominent tones of mango, lemongrass and pine when ground.

What does it taste like?

Like its olfactory profile, Hindu Skunk does not have a particularly strong taste. Upon inhale, the flavor is almost non-existent. Depending on method of consumption, you may notice a muted pine-like taste but most of the flavor variation is unleashed upon exhale. On exhale, Hindu Skunk releases a sharp, peppery taste followed by an abrupt sour undertone that leaves the palate quickly. Hindu Skunk is smooth on inhale and exhale, making the experience all the more enjoyable as no harsh flavors are detectable and no coughing is triggered. A notable characteristic about Hindu Skunk’s taste profile is the earthy, musk-like aftertaste post-consumption. Still, Hindu Skunk was enjoyable when infusing into edibles as the familiar flavor of cannabis is hardly detectable when made into chocolate chip cookies or pasta sauce.

*Use and Effects:

Despite being of a relatively low THC percentage, Hindu Skunk was found to have pleasant and long-lasting effects. Shortly after consumption, a gentle euphoria emerged. This euphoric sensation was followed by pleasant physical effects that could be perfect for winding down after a stressful workday or after vigorous exercise. An advantage of this specific variant of Hindu Skunk from Canna Farms is its usefulness as a sleep aid. As the euphoric properties gradually taper off, the user is carried into a gentle and deep sedation.

*Please note that impact and effects will vary from user to user.
Reviewed February 6th 2019.