Hunter’s Corner by OrganiGram

Hunter’s Corner a.k.a Hash Plant is a 90% indica strain originally engineered by Sensi Seeds. It is the result of crossing the Original Hash Plant with Northern Lights #1. Its lineage traces back to hash-producing cultivars from the Hindu Kush mountain range in Pakistan and has become a popular strain.

Strain Name: Hunter’s Corner

Strain Details: Indica – THC: 18.1%, CBD: <0.07%,

Terpenes: Myrcene Bisabolol Humulene Caryophyllene Guaiol

Physical Description:

This is a prototypical indica strain; short, squat, and bushy with compact resinous buds. The flowers are a light, vibrant green reminiscent of early spring foliage. A fine dusting of trichomes on the buds create a soft shimmer when observed under light.

What does it smell like?

The smell of the dried flowers is spicy, piney, and sweet. When vaporized or combusted, this strain has a very distinct hash pungency that lingers in the air. Patients familiar with kush strains will recognize the earthy and woody aromas associated with Hunter’s Corner’s heritage.

What does it taste like?

The aroma of the flower and smoke translates loyally to the taste. The vapor/smoke is thick without being harsh. Hunter’s Corner really earns its name in the taste department, as there is an undeniable hash taste that coats the mouth and throat. Fans of more robust flavors are sure to appreciate Hunter’s Corner’s earthiness.

*Use and Effects:

Hunter’s Corner does exactly what one would hope an almost pure indica strain would and knocks the user out. In relatively larger doses, one experiences a strong body stone with slight psychedelic effects.  Aches and pains melt away and the body slips into a heavy, relaxed state, primed for relaxation and sleep. In much smaller doses, one can expect mood elevating effects and stimulating thoughts that facilitate social interaction free from anxiety.  I have consumed this strain through a number of methods – a water pipe, a joint and a vapourizer unit; all of which worked well for the effects!