Infiniti by Peace Naturals

Infiniti is a high-THC Hybrid cultivated by Peace Naturals. Clients report that Infiniti is relaxing and produces a moderate physical sensation. Many clients prefer this cultivar as it is reported to provide soothing relief from a multitude of aliments without inducing mental fogginess.

Strain Name: Infiniti By Peace Naturals

Strain Details: 50:50 Hybrid – THC: 22-27%, CBD: 0.1%

Terpenes: Myrcene Pinene Limonene

Physical Description:

Infiniti displays impressive medium to large dense buds, that are well trimmed. The leaves of this cultivar express an assortment of light greens with some splashes of emerald within its structure. Upon touch this herb feels compact and is slightly sticky due to the thick resin coat that is present on its leaves. The trichomes display in copious amounts throughout the leaves of this cultivar and produce a slight golden shimmer when light meets its surface. The pistils display a slight orange and tangerine color, they are long and entangle themselves within the compact clusters of this cultivar.

What does it smell like?

Infiniti is an airy cultivar that will leave traces of its aroma after medicating. As you open the container, you get rich tones of a lemon and pine followed by a sweet undertone. As you let the fragrance settle, you notice a slight Kush-like overlay that is followed by Infiniti’s initial olfactory blend. The pungency of this herb tends to resemble distinctive notes of pine and wood. Overall the fragrance is a pleasing experience as the earthy flavors blend well with the sweeter citrus undertones.

What does it taste like?

Upon inhale you detect a sharp flavor of pine and hops that blend to create a unique experience of earth and herbal flavors. As you exhale, there is a slight pepper overlay that is present with each draw. There is a slight sweet citrus that can be detected when vaporizing lower temperatures, but this flavor dissipates quickly as you get further into your session. Overall the experience of Infiniti is a rich earthy taste that vapes smooth and is void of harsh flavors. Infiniti does leave a slight aftertaste on your palate, but this disappears shortly after medicating. This cultivar is highly recommended for those users that like a vibrant, fresh pine flavor.

*Use and Effects:

Our reviewer found that Infiniti has distinct mind-focusing qualities accompanied by soothing body-focused effects. Upon inhale, you experience a quick onset of mental and physical relaxation. Your muscles and joints are relieved of tensions and aches, while you experience a gentle euphoria that may be useful for combating high stress and depression symptoms. The experience was clear headed with an increased sense of concentration, potentially useful for mood elevation without the sedative quality of typical high-THC strains. Infiniti may be useful as a means to reduce anxiety, while allowing the user to sustain a slight euphoric energy in order to unwind in the late evening, or at social gatherings. A notable quality of Infiniti was its potential to reduce headaches and migraines symptoms. As you medicate the cerebral effects could provide a soothing buzz that elevates pressure from chronic migraines/headaches. Throughout the session our reviewer also noticed a slight increased appetite. At higher dosages the relaxing properties could be beneficial for inducing sleep. Overall Infiniti may be useful for providing calming, pain-relieving properties without mental fogginess. Lastly, as Infiniti boasts THC levels that can be north of 20%, it is recommended for more experienced users.

*Please note that impact and effects will vary from user to user.
Reviewed January 30 2019.