Integrius by MedReleaf

Integrius an Indica proprietary strain cultivated by MedReleaf. No additional information about this cultivar lineage or genetics is available as MedReleaf is its sole provider and cultivator. Integrius is a mid-level THC dry herb product.

Strain Name: Integrius

Strain Details: Indica Dominant Hybrid – THC: 14-17%, CBD: <0.02%

Terpenes: Myrcene Pinene Caryophyllene Terpinolene

Physical Description:

One of the more notable characteristics of Integrius is the abundant and brightly colored pistils that blanket the surface of the dried bud. The pistils are a vivid, tangerine orange that contrasts sharply against the assortment of forest greens that are present on this bud. Integrius has patches of golden-brown trichomes presented on its compact structure. The sugar-like resin coating provides an overall golden tint when light reflects upon the surface. The leaves of this cultivar are elongated at the base –near the stem– and converge as you move up the bud, forming condensed bulb-like clusters.

What does it smell like?

The fragrance of Integrius is light and subtle to the nose. Upon opening a new container, you will be greeted with very gentle notes of sweet citrus that dissipate quickly. A notable property of this cultivar is the potency of the pepper and earthy aromas that dominate the olfactory senses as you vaporize this herb. Integrius is a suggested strain for those who prefer their dry product to have a dominant earth and herbal-like smell.

What does it taste like?

Similar to its aromatic profile, Integrius has a subtle and hard to discern taste profile to match. Upon initial inhalation, you experience a sweet tea and herbal combination that is virtually tasteless shortly into the session (about 2-3 inhales). As you exhale, there are slight earth-like undertones, but they also disappear quickly. A positive quality of note with Integrius is that virtually no after-taste is produced making this product pleasant and enjoyable to consume. The experience was smooth and contained no harsh flavors. Integrius is a suggested option if you prefer your dried herb to be light and subtle in its taste.

*Use and Effects:

Our reviewer found the effects of Integrius are gentle with a moderately slow onset. After a short while, Integrius provides a gradual feeling of calmness that is followed by light face pressure. This quality was found to be effective in reducing headaches caused by stress. It should be noted that as this cultivar begins to take effect, a heaviness in the eyelids will be present. Like your typical Indica, Integrius has some sedative qualities that are present throughout the experience. Despite this, consumption of this strain was not a sacrifice of a clear-headedness or focus for the reviewer. The sedative nature created by Integrius acted more as a stress and anxiety reducer, while still allowing concentration and clearness of thought. There are slight analgesic (pain-relieving) effects at higher concentrations, but those concentrations will most likely strengthen the sedative effects as well. Overall, the reviewer found this cultivar to be useful in stress reduction and treating minor headaches. The reviewer also found no appetite-inducing effects when consuming this herb. Integrius could be a good choice if one is looking to unwind at night without the heavy sedation that typically emerges with Indica use.

*Please note that impact and effects will vary from user to user.
Reviewed February 20th 2019.