Luminarium by MedReleaf

Luminarium, cultivated by MedReleaf, is an award-winning variant of DelaHaze, known best for its use for increasing energy and improving mood. According to Leafly, DelaHaze strains express typical Sativa properties, delivering an uplifting cerebral energy that increases creativity as well as focus for the user. Although DelaHaze has the profile of a Haze Sativa, this cultivar offers sizable yields and a moderate flowering time making it a delight for commercial growers.

Strain Name: Luminarium (DelaHaze)

Strain Details: Sativa Dominant Hybrid – THC: 20-25%, CBD: <0.02%

Terpenes: Terpinolene Myrcene Pinene

Physical Description:

The Luminarium flower is very aesthetically pleasing. Immediately, you will notice a crystalline blanket and resinous coating on this cultivar’s vibrant green leaves. This array of bright greens and gleaming resin are further contrasted by the prolific and lush orange-brown pistils that extend from all areas of this flower. A unique and vibrant cultivar, Luminarium is a fitting name as it glistens when light touches its surface.

What does it smell like?:

Luminarium has a lively aromatic profile that has the potential to overwhelm a room. This pungent cultivar has sharp tones of citrus that are followed harmoniously by soft floral scents and traces of pine. This cultivar resembles the scent of a sweet perfume in that it has a pleasant way of waking up your senses. Even after a few weeks, Luminarium remains fresh and rich with its original aromas –a fitting potency for such a stimulating flower. This particular DelaHaze variant is emblematic of skillful and impressive cultivation by MedReleaf.

What does it taste like?

As expected, the taste of Luminarium reflects its pleasing aromatic profile. Upon the first inhales, you taste rich and plentiful tones of citrus in combination with sweet, floral flavors. As you exhale this olfactory bouquet, a savory and earthy taste yields to a sharp zest that lingers on your palate. A pleasant experience, this flavor was consistent through an array of consumption methods. The reviewer tested Luminarium via water pipe, joints (hand-rolled cigarettes), vaporizer(s) and infused into edibles.

*Use and Effects: 

Luminarium could be useful as a means to unwind in periods of fatigue and stress. This variant of DelaHaze delivers a fast-acting and long-lasting experience that may be beneficial when hoping to address multiple unwanted ailments. Shortly after inhale, the reviewer found Luminarium to quickly increase energy levels while also providing mild relief from concentration lapses. Within a thirty minute window from first inhale, the cerebral effects gave rise to an abrupt rush of euphoria. This euphoric surge could prove helpful in diminishing intrusive thoughts and high levels of stress. This euphoria may also be accompanied by subtle muscle-relaxing properties. The reviewer found that as the energizing properties of Luminarium start to subside, a heavy sedative effect takes over. Despite its stimulating nature, Luminarium may be better suited to evening use for most users, specifically because of the profound sedative effect that follows.

*Please note that impact and effects will vary from user to user.
Reviewed January 16th 2019.