Paradise Island by Emblem

Paradise Island a.k.a Dela Haze is a very popular strain around the world, most established on the continents of America and Europe. Dela Haze was originally created by Paradise Seeds to be a Sativa dominant strain, rumored to be a combination of Mango Haze and Lemon Skunk.  

Strain Name: Paradise Island (Dela Haze)

Strain Details: Sativa dominant hybrid – THC: 13.4%, CBD: 0%,

Terpenes: Terpinolene Caryophyllene Humulene Myrcene Limonene

Physical Description:

Paradise Island has sizeable but not overly dense buds. This wonderful strain has a unique apple green color with an abundant amount of light reddish/orange hairs that cover the majority of the surface. Adding to this beautiful strain is the insane look of the grand trichomes, with crystals so large that it makes parts of the bud look wet.

What does it smell like?:

Due to it’s tropical genetic parentage, this strain has a very sweet, fruity and floral aroma that could rival your Mom’s fruit salad. This strain combines the scents of both mango and citrus, collaborating with one another to produce a first-rate aromatic experience. These fruity notes express themselves boldly and overpower the more subtle scents of this strain (slight earth and grassy aromas) which can be obtained if one really concentrates on the fragrance.

What does it taste like?

Similar to the wonderful bouquet of fragrances given off by Paradise Island, the fruit and citrus flavors come off quite strong and pronounced, a truly fantastic and smooth flavor! These sweet fruity tastes blend perfectly into earthier nut and spice undertones, which can be detected upon exhale. This strain starts off with sweet fruit and zesty citrus but ends with an earthier, yet complimentary taste.

*Use and Effects: 

Paradise Island has the energetic effect of a sativa and builds to a nice relaxed, subtle euphoria. We found ourselves uplifted, creative and chatty when using this strain, with no anxiety or paranoia, but it took around 10 minutes for full effects to kick in. Due to the low to mid-range THC content of the Dela Haze phenotype, this may be a good Sativa to try for those individuals that sometimes find Sativas exasperate their anxiety or paranoia. Although the majority of effects are cerebral, there was distinct body relaxation approximately an hour after consumption. Since Paradise Island energizes, then (after time) relaxes, it is sure to be a pleasing experience for almost any user. We have consumed this strain in a few different ways – through a water pipe, joint and a home-vaporizer unit; all of which worked and produced similar effects; however this strain did seem to vaporizer particularly well.

Reviewed Aug 01 2018