Pink Kush by Canna Farms

Pink Kush is an Indica-dominant hybrid with strong body-focused properties that have been popularized and used among recreational and medical users. Cultivated by Canna Farms, this Pink Kush variant has received two Canadian Cannabis Awards, one in 2014 for top hybrid flower, and the other in 2017 as first runner up for top high THC flower.

Strain Name: Pink Kush by Canna Farms

Strain Details: Indica Dominant Hybrid – THC: 21.9%, CBD: <0.05%

Terpenes: Caryophyllene Limonene Myrcene Linalool Terpineol

Physical Description:

As with most Pink Kush phenotypes, its structure can be categorized by its distinguishable coating of resin and vivid display of color. The leaves of this bud mainly express a forest green near the top of its structure with a lighter tone of tea at its base. More notably, some of the leaves that Pink Kush have a deep purple that discreetly display shards of pink near the base. The pistils of this strain also add to is vibrant physical structure. These long coiled hairs display a lively orange color and are distributed evenly along the surface. The resin coating of this flower resembles sugar that you would see on a sour candy. The trichomes of Pink Kush cause this phenotype to shimmer as light touches its surface.

What does it smell like?:

As expected, this Canna Farms phenotype displays a vibrant blend of sweet and floral tones. What is most appealing about this Pink Kush variant is the dominant sweet-vanilla like smell that it expresses. This rich smell is followed by lively floral undertones that are covered by a gentle earth-like spice overlay. Users be cautioned, this strain is quite pungent, although its aromatic profile is sweet upon initial inspection. As this herb is consumed, vaporization releases a strong earth-like fragrance that resembles your typical cannabis smell. This Pink Kush phenotype has strong aromatics qualities and its aroma lingers for a while after consumption.

What does it taste like?

This Pink Kush phenotype expresses a plethora of rich and delightful tones. Upon inhale, you detect a sharp and sweet floral blend that has a slight peppery aftertaste. As you exhale, this sweet and floral profile expresses a blend of earth-like and wood-tones that creates an overall taste experience similar to that of vanilla. Pink Kush leaves a slight candy like and herbal aftertaste.

*Use and Effects: 

This strain rapidly produces fantastic mind and body-focused effects that are long lasting. After consumption, you experience a soothing sense of relaxation that could be useful in reducing stress and muscular tension. As its properties begin, the body effects of this strain produce soothing waves of pressure that can alleviate stiff muscles and sore joints. The gentle cerebral effects may also help with migraine and headache-related symptoms. This Pink Kush phenotype may also provide great anti-nasal and anti-inflammatory properties as well. Like most Pink Kush variants, a strong sedative property is felt throughout consumption. After a couple hours this strain begins to taper off, leaving sedation that is perfect for inducing a restful sleep.

*Please note that impact and effects will vary from user to user.  
Reviewed December 12th 2018.