Ripple Effect by Green Relief

Ripple Effect is a proprietary Indica-leaning Hybrid available through Green Relief. This strain’s Indica-dominant genetics suggest it could be useful for a wide range of ailments including pain, nausea, and sleep. Keep reading to learn more about the results from our deep dive on Ripple Effect from Green Relief.

Strain Name: Ripple Effect by Green Relief

Strain Details: Indica Dominant Hybrid – THC: 10-16%, CBD: <1%

Terpenes: Caryophyllene Bisabolol Limonene Humulene Myrcene

Physical Description:

Ripple Effect is a cultivar that produces small popcorn-like buds. The color of this herb is an assortment of forest greens that contain splashes of purple within its leaves. Impressively, Ripple Effect has a thick and dense coat of trichomes that give the overall color of this cultivar an amber tinge. The resin layer makes this bud sticky to the touch. Ripple Effect has long and thin orange pistils that spread themselves throughout the botanical structure. Ripple Effect is dense in nature and well-trimmed. Despite its small size, its physical characteristics show a careful craftsmanship.

What does it smell like:

Ripple Effect releases a gentle odor that is pleasing to the nose. As you open the bag, a subtle sweetness combined with an earthy pine aroma emerges. As you vaporize this herb, strong notes of pepper and pine produce an invigorating scent. This cultivar is recommended for those who like dominant, earthy, pine notes to their medicinal cannabis.

What does it taste like:

Similar to its olfactory profile, Ripple Effect has subtle sweetness that is blended with dominant notes of earthy pine. Upon inhale, a smooth flavor of pine with a sweet undertone becomes apparent. On exhale, users may notice a slight pepper tone followed by a sweet earth-like flavor that sits on the palate after consumption.

*Use and Effects:

Our reviewer found Ripple Effect produces relaxing effects accompanied by hints of euphoria. After a delayed onset, patients may notice a soothing calmness followed by noticeable pain-relief. This characteristic may be useful for releasing general tension and providing relief from headaches, muscle soreness, and joint pain. Throughout the experience, Ripple Effect provokes gentle waves of euphoria potentially useful for mood elevation. Overall, this gentle sedative quality may also be useful as an aid for anxiety. As effects begin to taper off, a slight heaviness is felt that could prove advantageous for combating issues with falling asleep. Ripple Effect with its relaxing properties is more suited to evening use, and could also be a good sleep strain for new users with low tolerance.

*Please note that impact and effects will vary from user to user.
Reviewed April 10th 2019.