San Fernando Valley by WeedMD

San Fernando Valley (aka SFV OG) is a Sativa-hybrid that originates in California. SFV shares close genetics to OG Kush and has helped breed many popular strains such as Aspen OG, Ghost Train Haze, and Tahoe OG.

Strain Name: San Fernando Valley (SFV OG) by WeedMD

Strain Details: Sativa dominant hybrid – THC: 13.87%, CBD: 0.02%

Terpenes: Caryophyllene Nerolidol Limonene Linalool Pinene

Physical Description:

This San Fernando Valley phenotype is small to medium sized and has a structure that resembles a compact spruce tree. The leaves of this bud are short, grouped, as well as rigid. This characteristic adds a sharpness to the overall appearance of SFV, creating a layered coniferous look. The color of SFV can be described as a mixture of emerald greens and sage, with a slight brass tint from the reflected hue of its resin coating. The pistils on this strain are a brown-rust color and are abundant in nature. What is interesting about SFV pistils are how they are encased within the bud, present in copious amounts from top to bottom.

What does it smell like?:

This San Fernando Valley phenotype has a versatile collection of terpenes within its genetics, expressed prominently by way of its aromatic profile. The smell of SFV can be described as a sweet-herbal spice, accompanied by a tart-like tone of citrus. These rich combinations also contain a blend of pine and floral overlays.

What does it taste like?

Similar to its olfactory profile, this WeedMD phenotype proudly expresses its terpenes within its taste. Upon inhale, you receive a gentle note of sweet-berry combined with a citrus blend on your palate. As you exhale, this sweet blend is met by a sharp pepper and herbal tone that encompasses a strong taste of pine. A useful note for consumption of SFV… due to the multitude of terpenes that exist within this strain, temperature control through vaporization allows the user to tweak the flavor profile to their liking. At lower temperatures the experience was sweeter and had more citrus-like flavor in taste. At higher temperatures there is a more dominant pepper and pine blend that has a slight herbal-tart tone.

*Use and Effects: 

San Fernando Valley comes with gentle energizing effects. Upon consumption, a gradual increase of energy is felt with mild cerebral-like effects. The relaxing properties of this strain are pleasant and produce a slight euphoric experience. This could be useful for relaxing a cluttered mind as well as reducing general stress. 20 minutes after consumption our reviewer noted a soothing crown pressure, potentially useful in reducing headaches and migraine symptoms. Our reviewer also noted that SFV could produce increased concentration and energy without stimulating hunger. This quality may be useful in combating stress induced eating. As these effects start to taper off a slight crash is felt, but not enough to cause sedation, more of a calming property. Overall SFV could be used to produce energizing effects for minor fatigue, potential migraine relief, and also could serve as a stress reliever.

*Please note that impact and effects will vary from user to user.
Reviewed January 23 2019.