Trutiva by MedReleaf

Trutiva is a Sativa-dominant CBD flower cultivated and distributed by MedReleaf. As this is a proprietary cultivar, no information is available about its lineage. Due to its low THC nature (less than 1%), Trutiva has been reported to be a good choice for new users looking for relief without the impairing properties of THC.

Strain Name: Trutiva

Strain Details: High CBD Sativa Dominant Hybrid – THC: 0.3-0.9%, CBD: 14-17%

Terpenes: Myrcene Pinene Limonene

Physical Description:

Trutiva is a brightly colored flower that displays a vivid assortment of greens within its short, compact leaves. This Sativa-dominant bud is lightly dusted with a coat of trichomes that gives this bright green flower a slight golden glimmer when light reflects off the surface. Upon closer inspection, you will notice patches of orange pistils that collect themselves within certain areas. These pistils are coiled within the flower and are more prominent as you break it apart. This CBD flower feels very lightweight; although dense, the medium sized buds feel weightless when compared to other flowers from MedReleaf.

What does it smell like?

As expected with a terpene profile high in myrcene and pinene, Trutiva emits a vibrant herbal and pine-like aroma. When opening a container the sharp herbal and wood scents dissipate quickly and are gently followed by pleasant hints of citrus and a light floral undertone. Consumption through vaporization will yield a noticeable lavender aroma. The scent of Trutiva does not linger when used in a vaporizer, although smoking this strain left a noticeable earth-like scent lingering for 15-20 minutes following consumption.

What does it taste like?

Upon the initial inhale, Trutiva releases a dominant flavor of pine followed by a gentle blend of citrus and herbs. As you exhale, a sharp sour note with a peppery sensation awakens your palate in a pleasing way. This sensation may open up your sinuses and provided a gentle rush to your palate. This sensation is further combined with a slight floral tone on exhale. This taste is mild and lingers a bit after the sour, pepper-like burst of flavor dissipates. Although this cultivar is smooth and rich throughout consumption, the initial kick of sour and pepper tones may cause a slight spice sensation at the back of the throat. Trutiva’s flavor was found to dissipate quickly during consumption, leaving a mild pine aftertaste.

*Use and Effects:

Trutiva’s onset could be considered rather quick in nature. Calming, anxiolytic effects are felt shortly after use. The reviewer found these calming effects were accompanied by a slight increase in focus. The reviewer found Trutiva had a remarkable effect in reducing feelings of stress and nervousness. Furthermore, the reviewer found this cultivar very useful in combating joint pain and severe inflammation due to previous sport-related injuries.

Trutiva’s duration is longer than most CBD strains and the reviewer found its anti-anxiety effects to last up to 120 minutes. Likewise, Trutiva’s pain relieving properties were found to last beyond the two hour mark. The reviewer found this cultivar particularly beneficial when addressing attention & focus issues, as well as low motivation level. As this flower’s effects begin to wear off, the user may be left with a subtle crash sensation. This may be to a user’s advantage though as it can create a sustained sedative state after a productive work day or intense workout.

Comparable to other CBD Sativa-dominant cultivars, the energizing properties of Trutiva are mild. Although this strain can be stimulating (depending on how fatigued the user is) the calming properties of this cultivar may be better suited to inducing sleep, especially at higher dosages. This could be attributed to the sedative properties of myrcene and its relatively high concentration in Trutiva.

*Please note that impact and effects will vary from user to user.
Reviewed March 27th 2019.