Warlock CBD by Tilray

Warlock CBD is a phenotype of the well known Indica-dominant herb, Warlock. Warlock CBD is produced by crossing the high-CBD Cannatonic and the THC-dominant Warlock, producing a nice balanced 1:1 cultivar. Warlock CBD is available through the Canadian producer Tilray.

Strain Name: Warlock CBD by Tilray

Strain Details: Balanced Hybrid – THC: 7.8%, CBD: 7.0%

Terpenes: Limonene Myrcene Humulene

Physical Description:

Warlock CBD expresses small to medium sized leafy buds that have an elongated pine cone-like shape to their structure. The color expressed by its sharp leaves are an assortment of moss greens with slight pale-yellow hues, primarily at the base. The hue presented is a result of the abundant amount of resin on this cultivar, giving a slight shimmer when inspected up close. As you break apart the bud, Warlock CBD has hidden dark and rust colored pistils embedded within the clusters of this cultivar. The pistils on this cultivar are often hard to notice, expressing themselves as discreet, thin, hair-like structures. Overall, Warlock CBD is dense to the touch, has a great moisture, and appears to be trimmed and handled with care.

What does it smell like?:

Warlock CBD has unique aroma that produces a calming sensation with its sweet, floral fragrances. As you open a new container, you’ll notice a penetrating citrus and floral blend containing gentle undertones of earthy hops. As the aromas settle, Warlock CBD can be described as a floral/citrus blend wrapped in a soothing earthy over layer. The slight earthy spice is subtle and often overpowered by more vibrant aromas.

What does it taste like?

The taste of Warlock CBD is subtle and smooth throughout vaporization. As you inhale, you notice strong earthy tones in its flavor, but they dissipate quickly making the inhale process smooth and mild. Vaporization at lower temperatures does release more floral tones upon inhale, although the earthy profile present in this cultivar often masks the lighter tones. As you exhale, the earthy profile becomes more prominent on the front of your palate but degrades quickly, leaving no apparent after taste following consumption. Given its gentle taste, Warlock would be a good choice for those new to dry herb products as there are no harsh flavors. Consumption is always smooth, and your typical cannabis-like taste is not overly present.

*Use and Effects: 

Our reviewer noted that Warlock CBD is an impressively effective medication for a variety of uses, despite its relatively low levels of THC and CBD. With a quick onset, Warlock CBD produced a calming, but energizing focus that manifests into light euphoric tones and hours of productivity. This cultivar could be used to reduce stress as well as anxiety, promoting relaxation without being overly stimulated by the THC. Impressively, Warlock CBD seemed to produce strong anti-inflammatory properties that reduced pain. Shortly after consumption, our reviewer noted that pain from inflamed joints due to exercise and injury faded quickly. This cultivar could also be good for appetite suppression, with our reviewer noting no lingering “munchies” following consumption. Overall, if kept at relatively low dosages Warlock CBD is a fantastic cultivar for daytime use. At higher dosages (or for users with low tolerance), warlock can produce a deep relaxation, helpful for getting to sleep. Due to the gentle nature of this cultivar, Warlock CBD would be recommended for those users looking for strong medical value without being overly impaired by the effects of THC.

*Please note that impact and effects will vary from user to user.
Reviewed March 13th 2019.