Acadia by OrganiGram

Acadia is a proprietary strain from OrganiGram, and although the exact genetics of this strain are unknown, there is speculation that the Acadia may be a descendant of a Trainwreck strain, although this is not confirmed by OrganiGram. Acadia was a French colony in Eastern Quebec, with history going back to the mid-1600s, when a large population of French settlers emigrated to Canada. Today, the richness of Acadian culture is celebrated in the Maritime region through music, cuisine and annual festivities.

Strain Name: Acadia

Strain Details: Sativa – THC: 17.7%, CBD: <0.07%,

Terpenes: Myrcene Pinene Caryophyllene Humulene

Physical Description:

The Acadia offers beautifully dense buds with the most incredible layer of glistening trichomes that frost up the herb. The flower offers a vibrant neon avocado green with very short tawny pistils shooting upwards out of the tantalizing green trichomes.

What does it smell like?

The Acadia is a very floral, earthy and sweet scented herb, similar to a mignonette flower. This fragrance wafts through ones scent receptors, greeting the user in a delectable manor. This flower continues with hints of berry, like raspberry pie with notes of vanilla and overtones of tangy pine.

What does it taste like?

The Acadia when consumed takes on slightly danker floral flavors. After this initial burst of flowery goodness, one is greeted to some tangy earthy and sour berry like citrus notes that linger on the tongue for a moment after exhaling. Whether you’re smoking or vaporizing this strain, be ready for an extremely smooth experience.

*Use and Effects:

The Acadia packs a pretty decent punch, with a fast acting cerebral high making the user feel dreamy but responsive. After these initial effects the user begins to sense an alert, energetic and euphoric high which leads into some minor body effects and crazy munchies. In almost all cases, this strain did deliver the best taste through a vaporizer, producing nice big clouds.