Ultra by WeedMD

Ultra, or MK Ultra is an Indica-dominant cultivar that is renowned for its fast acting and powerful hypnotic -like effects. This legendary cultivar was named after a CIA operation “Project MK Ultra”, a project with a primary focus on mental manipulation. MK Ultra derives its genetics from OG Kush and G13. In 2003, this cultivar won 1st place at High Times Cannabis Cup, and 2nd best the year after. The legendary properties of this cultivar have popularized its use among recreational and medical users alike.

Strain Name: Ultra (MK Ultra) by WeedMD

Strain Details: Indica dominant hybrid – THC: 17.8%, CBD: 0.05%

Terpenes: Caryophyllene Terpinolene Nerolidol Bisabolol Pinene

Physical Description:

MK Ultra has a unique detail that at first glance can be missed. Upon closer inspection, the leaves of this cultivar group into clusters, maintaining the overall sharpness of its appearance. This phenotype displays a combination of moss and olive greens with almost undetectable specks of dark purple splashed on the top of the bud. This MK-Ultra variant has medium-sized, dense buds that are covered in copious amounts of pistils. These hair-like projections express a cider-orange color and are embedded within the clusters of MK Ultra. Notably, the leaves of this cultivar are covered in a golden-tint blanket of resin that appears like sugar and is abundantly present within the plants structure. When light meets MK Ultra, the displays of green take on an orange-golden tint as the pistils and trichomes refract their hue on the surface of this cultivar.

What does it smell like?:

This WeedMD phenotype is pungent and full of aroma. Quickly after you open a container, you experience a lively herbal-earth aroma that is reminiscent of diesel and tones of pine. There are some subtle notes of citrus, but the general aroma of MK Ultra’s olfactory profile dissipates this scent, giving the herb an overall pungent musk. It should be noted that due to the strength of its smell, this MK Ultra phenotype should be stored and sealed properly.

What does it taste like?

The taste of Ultra is similar to that of its olfactory profile. Upon first inhale, one can taste a lively herbal flavor with strong hints of pine. This is entwined with a slight pepper and citrus undertone that stays gently rooted in the background. As you exhale, the flavor experience encompasses a rich pine and earth tone with sour overlays. Overall, the experience does leave a heavy herbal aftertaste –this cultivar is recommended for those who like pungent, earthy flavors.

*Use and Effects: 

Like your typical MK Ultra cultivar, this phenotype has strong and long-lasting effects that appear quickly. Shortly after consumption, patients may experience a deep hypnotic-like relaxation, followed by soothing body-focused effects. This property could be useful to reduce muscular pain while adding considerable stress/tension relief. In addition to these effects, MK Ultra can also provide a subtle euphoric experience that can be used to combat or reduce depression-related symptoms. Please be advised that this cultivar should be used primarily in the evening as effects tend to taper off into a heavy sedation. This sedative quality could bode well for patients combating insomnia.

*Please note that impact and effects will vary from user to user.  
Reviewed December 19th 2018.